Buying naphtha from Iran

Buying naphtha from Iran

Buying naphtha from Iran and Russia with the best quality and the best purchase conditions and at a reasonable price.


What is Naphtha?

Naphtha is a group of liquid hydrocarbon compounds that are highly volatile and flammable.

In fact, naphtha is a general term and refers to compounds that are placed between crude oil and kerosene in crude oil distillation processes.

These compounds make up about 11% of crude oil.
In other words, naphtha is a class of hydrocarbon liquid fuels with high volatility and flammability.
It is said that in a distillation tower, crude oil is placed between light gases (such as LPG) and kerosene.

Most of the gas condensate, ie oil extracted from gas wells, is also composed of naphtha.
This liquid fuel can also be extracted from coal tar. Naphtha has a variety of uses.
The chemical and petrochemical industries are the main buyers of naphtha
Feed is used in the production of various petrochemical products, including solvents and diluents, raw materials for plastics, synthetic fibers and industrial alcohols.

naphtha from Iran
naphtha from Iran

Naphtha compounds

These compounds contain 5-12 carbon atoms, which generally include paraffins, olefins, naphthenes, and aromatics.
Among these substances, the presence of aromatic compounds in naphtha causes a pungent odor that is also very harmful to humans.

Naphtha production method
The most important and common method of their production is crude oil distillation method.

Buying naphta
Buying naphta

Application of naphtha
The applications of this category of compounds are very wide, the most important of which are:
Since the most important application of naphtha is its use to produce gasoline.

Naphtha is a raw material in the chemical and petrochemical industries as a feedstock for the production of various petrochemical products, including solvents and diluents.
Naphtha is used to make gasoline. Naphtha is also used as a solvent.
But NAFTA has a variety of other uses as well.
Raw materials for plastics, synthetic fibers and industrial alcohols are other applications.
Most dye thinners are made of naphtha and most ethylene plastic compounds are made with naphtha.
Catalytic processes can also be used to convert naphtha to high-octane gasoline and other petroleum fuels.
Naphtha is a very strong solvent with a variety of applications, so it is also used to produce detergents and other hydrocarbon refineries.
Production of coolants and varnishes as heating and cooking fuels (similar to liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene).

Buying naphta from Iran
Buying naphta from Iran

Buying naphtha from Iran

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