Urea making process

Urea making process

The Urea making process is very significant and we invite you to read this article.

What is Carbamide?

Urea is an organic chemical compound which is also referred sometimes as Carbamide.

It is usually manufactured to be stored as a solid, commonly in shape and form of prills and granules.

These urea granules are highly soluble in water hence it is easier to form their solutions at varying concentration.

These solutions can also be stored if required. It has a very high nitrogen content.

Urea fertilizer
Urea fertilizer

History of urea

Urea is naturally produced in human body and disposed as a natural cyclic process of excretion by Kidneys.

Urea helps carry waste nitrogen out of the body.

Historically urea is a significant chemical compound because it was the first organic chemical which is naturally found in human body to be synthesized using inorganic chemicals in a laboratory by Friedrich Wöhler.

Due to this achievement some people refer to him as father of organic chemistry.

Urea is a colorless crystal, which dissolves in water. It is a weak alkaline, which forms salts in combination with strong acids.

Urea is largely used as a fertilizer and as a non-protein feed supplement for ruminants.

Urea Manufacturing Process
Urea Manufacturing Process

Urea Manufacturing Process

Urea is used in Textile, Plastic, Adhesive, Coatings industries.

The most popular and most common use of urea is as a fertilizer not only because

it has the highest nitrogen content of 46% compared to other fertilizers but also because

it dissolves readily in water and leaves no salt residues on the soil and crops.

Also, it can be used for foliar feeding.

The major disadvantage of using urea as a fertilizer is that it may contain a chemical compound named biuret which is formed during manufacturing of urea.

If the biuret concentration exceeds 2% then it is harmful to plants especially germinating seeds and

also is toxic to animals.

Controlling the concentration by optimizing equipment design and

temperature is a major industrial problem in urea manufacturing which demands continuous research.

The raw materials which are used in urea manufacturing process are ammonia and

carbon dioxide hence generally urea is manufactured in an ammonia plant because

it yields ammonia as a product and carbon dioxide as a byproduct and this carbon dioxide can be used directly for manufacturing urea.

Urea Manufacturing
Urea Manufacturing

Application of urea

Urea is a major nitrogen fertilizer produced from ammonia and carbon dioxide as raw material.

Its application is not only for fertilizer but also for cattle feed, industrial purpose of resin/plastic/adhesive glue and recently expanded into reducing agent  for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to decrease the emission of NOx from diesel engine vehicles.

In addition the increasing of demand of bio-energy causes more demand of urea fertilizer.

In this way, Urea is one of the most important product to solve the issues of Food, Environment and Energy.

Application of urea
Application of urea

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