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How many types are produced?

Several groups .

 Group 1   : Hydraulic
Group II: Mixed
Group III: Whitet
Group Four: Colored Portland

The first group is hydraulic  as follows.

1-Type 1 Portland , or ordinary Portland
2-  Type 2 Portland cement, or modified Portland cement, most of which is used in concrete manufacturing in Iran.
3-    Type 3 Portland cement, or early hardened cement, suitable for concrete in cold weather.
4-   Type 4 Portland cement, or low-heat cement, is most commonly used for bulk concrete such as dams.
5- Type 5 Portland cement, or sulfate-resistant cement, which is most commonly used for concrete shore and seawater as bridge foundations.

The second group of mixed cements in Iran are as follows.

Portland cement slag

The third group consists of white

It is mainly used in painting, sealing and decorative work and is much more expensive than conventional .

The fourth group is Portland colored cement

In fact, it is combined with mineral colors that are mostly used for painting, flooring, bonding and decorative work.

How is it transported and maintained?

To carry , either in bulk or in bulk.

 bags weigh 50 kg and are produced in paper or tarpaulin.

A special machine called a bonker is used for bulk carriage and the silo must be emptied and stored.

Where are the cement plants in Iran?

There are  plants in almost all the provinces of the country, we are satisfied with our  production and export to neighboring countries.

Before the revolution, due to the growth of construction, the need  in the country increased and all needed was imported until the parliament planned to build Iran’s first  factory in Rey and Iran began producing .


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