Urea Granular & Prill


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Urea Granular & Prill
Urea Granular & Prill

What is urea?

Urea is the first man-made organic substance in the laboratory.
The body uses it in many processes, the most important of which is the excretion of nitrogen.
The liver combines two molecules of ammonia to form one molecule of carbon dioxide urea.
The sale of urea is widely used in fertilizers as a source of nitrogen and

is an important raw material for the chemical industry.
There are both laboratory and industrial urea, the price of industrial urea is lower than

laboratory and has a lower purity.

Among the elements known in nature, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)

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are more effective than others in plant growth.
Therefore, some compounds containing these elements are used as chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Urea with the chemical formula NH2CONH2 is the most popular nitrogen fertilizer
And one of the advantages of being a good fertilizer for most plants, especially all grains,
It does not leave any salt residue in the soil and does not change the concentration of soil salts.
More than 70% of the total urea produced in the world is used for agriculture and the rest is used in the production of melamine powder, used as animal feed, medical purposes and so on.

Applications of  Urea Granular & Prill:

Sale of urea in agriculture

More than 90% of the world’s urea production is for use as a nitrogen-releasing fertilizer.
Urea fertilizer has the highest amount of nitrogen in all nitrogen-releasing fertilizers.

Sales of urea in the chemical industry

Urea is the raw material for making urea formaldehyde resins and urea melamine formaldehyde.
These materials are used to produce plywood.

Buy urea in medicine

Urea-containing creams are used as topical skin products to enhance skin hydration.
Urea is used to treat dry skin and eczema.

Other uses of urea

Nitrogen is a relatively inexpensive source of urea for animal feed.

Use as a glacier on the roads

The main ingredient in hair removal products
It is a substance used in some skin creams, moisturizers, hair conditioners and shampoos.
It is a substance used in fires to control fire.
Sell ​​urea for teeth whitening

Differences between urea granules and perils

The grain size is usually 2 to 4 mm in granular urea fertilizer and 1 to 2.4 mm in peril urea fertilizer.
It should be noted that in both granule and peril models, the percentage of nitrogen present is 46%
In order to store urea fertilizer, it should be noted that urea fertilizer should not be stored in humid places that do not have proper ventilation, because the presence of moisture along with urea fertilizer, in addition to chemical effects, also causes clumps of urea fertilizer.

Buying Urea Granular & Prill Russian

Petro Pars Arghavan Company is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of urea granules and perils in the region.

To order urea for export from Russia and Iran, you can send your purchase request to the company email.

The price of products depends on various factors such as the amount of the order and the method of payment, the place of delivery, the way of packaging and the analysis of materials and market fluctuations.

It should be noted that in order to purchase for export, the L.O.I request must be sent in the company’s letterhead.

It is necessary to explain that our sales scale is commercial and is not done in small quantities.

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