Fruits and vegetables

Iran ranks first in fruit production in the Middle East and North Africa.
In recent years, Iran has ranked eighth among the top 10 fruit producing countries in the world.
These cases declare the high status and importance of Iran in the supply and production of fruit all over the world and have a direct and tangible impact on the global economy.
Iranian fruit products include:
Iranian walnut, cantaloupe, watermelon, tangerine, citrus, kiwi, date, cherry, pomegranate, orange, grape and raisin.
Due to the diversity of climate, topography and altitude of today’s Iran, various types of fruits can be found in this country, from subtropical dates to fruits growing in temperate and cold regions.
Iran has a four-season climate and both tropical and temperate garden products are produced in its different regions.
In fact, Iran’s provinces, each of which has its own climate, have specialized in one or more garden products.
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