What is Raffinite ?



In terms of chemical separation, raffinate is a product whose component or components have been removed.

The product that contains the removed material is called an extract.

For example, in solvent extraction, the raffinate is a liquid stream that remains unmixed after contact with the liquid after the solute leaves the main fluid.

In metallurgy, it refers to the process by which impurities are removed from liquid materials.


Raffinite is a combination of different components such as olefin, alkane, paraffin and aromatic compounds and can be in the form of raffinite depending on the type of hydrocarbon used.

Raffinite is one of the by-products of refining and refining crude oil, which is produced in olefinic or aromatic form.


This product is used as feed for downstream olefin industries to produce gasoline and polyethylene.
Among the applications and uses of raffinate can be considered in the regulation of gasoline octane, which causes better combustion and reduces the resulting pollution.
Rafinite is one of the export petrochemical products of our country, which to a large extent
It is exported to different countries, including neighboring countries and other countries, and it has a very good currency for the country.
The rest of the solvent extraction process from the initial solution is called
In the case of the petrochemical industry, a not-so-low-value by-product is usually considered.
Raffinite is a multi-component mixture that can contain paraffins, olefins, cycloalkanes, as well as aromatics.

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