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 What is Gasoline?

“Gasoline”  or petrol is a slice of oil fermented between 70 and 175 degrees C and hydrocarbon content of C5 to C11 or C12.Natural gas, which accounts for about 15 percent of crude oil, is used in combustion engines.

Normal  is a complex of hydrocarbons such as kinds of paraffin (alkanes), naphthenes (cycloalkanes) and olefins (alkenes);

But octane (C8H18) is considered as one of the specific compounds in gasoline.

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It is a clear, oil-derived flammable liquid that is primarily used as a fuel in most internal sparks.

Combustion engines of this material are mainly composed of organic compounds resulting from partial distillation of oil, which is enhanced with various additives.
On average, a 160-liter barrel after processing in an oil refinery can produce up to 72 liters of gasoline, depending on the method of measuring crude and other refined oil.

Chemical compounds

The exact chemical composition of gasoline varies depending on its degree or octane degree, but is generally a combination of combustible hydrocarbons.
This degree of octane describes the quality of the fuel and its value is based on the ratio of two compounds in gasoline – especially iso-octane, a compound with a chemical formula similar to octane but with slightly different structure and properties and natural.
The higher the octane content of the fuel, the higher the octane number and the higher the fuel quality.
This higher fuel quality ensures that timely combustion of fuel occurs as a result of spark plugs and not prematurely as a result of piston compression.
Recently, gasoline has been mixed with biofuels known as ethanol.
In Canada, 87-octane gasoline is allowed to contain up to 10% ethanol, as this is the highest percentage of ethanol that a typical car engine can still run on.

Use gasoline

Consumers use gasoline for a variety of uses:

  1. Small plane.
  2. Power generator for portable and uninterruptible power supply.
  3. Cars, sports vehicles, light trucks and motorcycles.
  4. Recreational vehicles and boats.
  5. Equipment and tools used in construction, agriculture, forestry and landscaping.

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