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Jet Fuel with Best Price

Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel

What is Jet fuel?

Jet fuel or aviation turbine fuel is a type of aviation fuel that is designed and used for aircraft equipped with gas turbine engines.
It is colorless to straw in appearance.
The most common fuels used in commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A-1, which are manufactured to international standard specifications.
The only other jet fuel commonly used in civilian turbine engine aviation is the Jet B, which is used to increase performance in cold weather.
It is a mixture of a variety of hydrocarbons.


Because the exact composition of  varies by oil source, jet fuel cannot be defined as the ratio of specific hydrocarbons.
It is therefore defined as a performance property and not a chemical compound.

In addition, the molecular mass range between hydrocarbons (or different carbon numbers) is determined by the requirements of the product, such as freezing point or smoke point.


This fuel has DERD 2494 standard and is similar to kerosene in terms of distillation range.

The mentioned fuel is produced by using suitable additives, special refining and purification.

High flash point (over 40 degrees Celsius) makes this fuel suitable for use in all turbine engines of passenger aircraft as well as some warplanes. (JET A-1) is another name for this product.


Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel

JP 54

JP54 is an abbreviation for “Jet Propulsion, A1, Colonial Grade 54″ During the refining process only 15% of the crude oil is made up of JP54 the rest of the grade is used for different types of plastic.


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