Gas Condensate



Gas Condensate
Gas Condensate

Gas Condensate:

Nexans - Upgrading of largest refinery in Kenya

Gas condensate extracted from gas tanks mainly contains a very significant amount of gas .

Especially when the volume of gas out of the tank is high.

It is referred to as the flow of liquid hydrocarbons found in natural gas reserves.

And is found in the extraction gases and sediment.

It is mainly composed of pentane and heavier hydrocarbons and is low in sulfur
And it is usually free of metals and about half of it is naphtha.

Unlike botany and propane, It is not require special conditions for dissolution and can be converted to kerosene, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.

In various ways, compared to the crude oil refinery, there are fewer conversion and refining processes in the gas  refinery.

Therefore, the investment cost is half the investment cost in the crude oil refinery.

Because condensate is usually in a liquid environment and has a very low viscosity, condensate is often used to dilute heavier, more viscous oils that would otherwise not be able to be effectively transported through pipelines.
In particular, condensate is often mixed with bituminous oily sands to create delicacy.

Increasing use of gas condensate as a diluent has significantly increased its price in certain areas


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