buy Russian gas oil EN590 10PPM

buy Russian gasoil EN590 10PPM

Russian gas oil EN590 10PPM With the best price and the best possible conditions.

What is gasoil?

Petroleum gas, petroleum gas or diesel fuel is used as fuel for diesel engines and heating equipment.

Its hydrocarbon range is between C14-C20 and even C25 with a boiling point range of 250-385°C.

This oil mainly consists of three paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic groups, with a minimum flash point of 54°C and a maximum drop point of 0°C.

Its density is 820-860 kg/m3 at 15.6°C.

The most important feature is the number of cylinders, which should be more than 50 so that the engine works smoothly and quietly.

Diesel fuel is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines.

This fuel is extracted from diesel oil by a special oil distillation method, but there are other methods for processing diesel without using oil.

Among them are biodegradable, biodegradable liquid (GTL) and gas to liquid (GTL).

And it is increasing rapidly.

To clear the confusion between different types of oil and other types, the type of oil is called diesel or petrodiesel oil.

Very low sulfur diesel is a standard type of diesel that has very low sulfur.

According to 2007 statistics, almost all diesel fuel used in the US and Europe has very low sulfur content.


Russia is the largest country in the world, located in the north of Eurasia.

Russia’s vast geography plays an important role in its economic activity, some sources estimate that Russia has more than 30% of the world’s natural resources.

Russia is considered an “energy superpower”.

This country has the largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world.

And it is the largest exporter of natural gas.

It is also the second oil exporter.

Order Russian gas oil EN590 10PPM

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