Buy Russian Naphtha

Buy Russian Naphtha

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Buy Russian Naphtha

Naphtha is a very diverse commodity for the petrochemical industry. Used to mix gasoline.

Also widely used as a diluent.

We use naphtha and condensate used in trade and transportation, mainly in the petrochemical industry.

Refineries are the main suppliers of naphtha.

Most of the NAFTA trading market is supplied by less integrated refineries.

More integrated refineries produce naphtha and use it as a raw material for petrochemicals and gasoline.


What is Naphtha?

Naphtha can be found in coal bitumen or refined oil. This mixture is light and highly flammable with multiple uses.


There are three main types of naphtha, including light naphtha, medium naphtha and heavy naphtha.


Light naphtha is mainly used for the petrochemical industry, but can also be useful in the composition of gasoline.


Medium naphtha satisfies a wide range of uses, including gasoline composition, modification or petrochemical uses.


Heavy naphtha is mainly used to modify or produce gasoline components such as formulated perfumes.

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Buy Russian

Application of naphtha

Naphtha is commonly used as a solvent.

Used in laundry soaps and cleansing liquids.

Naphtha is also used to make lacquers and is sometimes used as fuel for camp stoves and as a solvent (diluent) for paint.

Although naphtha has many uses, some types can be dangerous.

Buy Nafta
Buy Nafta

Buy Russian Nafta

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