Buy Russian urea 46

Buy Russian urea 46%

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Russian urea
Russian urea

What is urea?

Urea was discovered by the French chemist Hiller Roll. A few years later, the German chemist Friedrich obtained the reaction of silver isocyanate with ammonium chloride.

This was the first time that an organic compound was artificially obtained from an organic compound.

Another name for urea is carbamide, which is an organic compound with the chemical formula NH2COONH4 and is used as one of the most consumed and of course the cheapest chemical fertilizers that supply N to other parts of the world.

The chemical formula of urea is close in composition to the organic formula of urea, which provides many advantages in mass use for product nutrition.

Although urea is naturally produced in humans and animals, synthetic urea is produced with ammonia without water.


Urea absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and air surface and is usually used to store it. Also, if major storage is required, it should be covered with a special coating and waterproofing. It is also recommended to store urea as well as many other solid fertilizers in a cool, dry place where ventilation is well done.

Types of urea fertilizers

Urea fertilizer in terms of its shape is divided into two groups of granules and peril. Usually, both samples have the same analysis and 46% nitrogen. But they are different in terms of size, size and hardness.

Applications of Urea

Urea is an industrial product used as a feed additive. It is an industrial product in the manufacture of synthetic resins with various applications such as plastic, adhesive, molding, laminate, plywood, particle board, textiles and veneers. Urea is an industrial product used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Other minor uses include hydrating lotions, diuretics, desiccants, and cold compresses.

It should be noted that it is mostly used in the agricultural industry.

Buy Russian urea
Buy Russian urea

Buy Russian urea 46

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