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Purchasing Gas Oil EN590


What is Gas oil ?

Gas oil is a fraction obtained from the distillation of oil.
This includes sweat – the lighter parts, and the rest – the heavier parts.

The term furnace oil generally refers to any liquid fuel that is burned in a furnace or boiler to generate heat, or used in an engine to generate power.

However, it usually does not include other liquid oils, such as oils with a flash point of approximately 42 ° C, or oils burned in cotton or wool burners.

More precisely, the term furnace oil refers only to the heaviest commercial fuels that crude oil can produce, that is, fuels that are heavier than gasoline (gasoline) and naphtha.

Fuel oils include long-chain hydrocarbons, especially alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics.

Small molecules such as propane, naphtha, gasoline for automobiles and

jet fuel (kerosene) have relatively low boiling points and are removed at the beginning of the partial distillation process.

Heavier petroleum products, such as diesel fuel and volatile lubricating oils, are much less distilled and

slower, while petroleum is literally the bottom of the barrel.

In oil distillation, the only denser components of storage fuel are ferrous carbon raw materials and

bitumen residues, which are widely used for road paving and in some areas for roof sealing.

Buying Gas oil EN590

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