Buying Russian urea to Turkey

Buying Russian urea to Turkey

Buying Russian urea to Turkey ports at the best price


What is urea?

Urea is a very vital product of farmers for agriculture and artisans and producers for their products.

Every farmer needs urea chemical fertilizer to have high quality products and this fertilizer is economical.

And with the advent of fertilizer on products, there is a huge demand for this agricultural product all over the world.

Countries with more fertile land and more agricultural land need the most urea chemical fertilizer.

Turkey imports a lot of urea fertilizer to its country and to meet this need through large producing countries, including Russia and Iran.

How is urea produced?

Due to the urgent and widespread need of farmers, urea chemical fertilizer is

mass-produced by the petrochemicals of Russia and Iran.

Neighboring countries, including Turkey, supply Russia and Iran for various reasons.
Russia and Iran are the largest producers of urea, which is sent to many countries.

Urea production process 46%

Urea is produced when carbon dioxide reacts with non-hydrated ammonia.

During the process that goes through different petrochemical units.

To have a brief acquaintance with different units.

These units include the following:

1-Feed pressure boosting unit
2-Urea synthesis unit
3-Evaporation and purification unit:
4-Granulation unit

The most important types of urea

Nitrogen is known as one of the most important

and widely used elements needed by farmers for agriculture.

As a result, nitrogen fertilizers are one

of the most widely used agricultural fertilizers.

One of the most famous and widely used nitrogen fertilizers is urea chemical fertilizer.
Spherical urea fertilizer is available in granular and peril models,

the biggest difference between the two types is in the dimensions and size of urea chemical fertilizer.

Different petrochemicals have produced different farmers and granules

Also, due to the urgent need and increasing countries’ need

for agricultural products, farmers have more consumption

Therefore, the producing countries have expanded their production capacities

and are expanding.
To learn more about the difference between granular and Peril urea fertilizer, you can find this title in the search site.

Order urea fertilizer

Petropars Arghavan Company is the main supplier of petrochemical and refinery products in Iran and Russia.

He has extensive cooperation in urea with companies in East Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

And is ready to sign a long-term contract with you and cooperate in sending your order to all the safe and vital ports of the world.
To register the order of urea and other products, you can register your order by sending LOI And Updated BCL to the company email.

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