Buying Urea To CIF China

Buying Urea To CIF China

Buying Urea To CIF China with best price and quality


What is urea?

Urea is produced when carbon dioxide reacts with

non-hydrated ammonia.

This process will take place under high pressure at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

And it has two models of granule and peril.

For detailed information on the differences between urea granule and peril chemical fertilizer, read the descriptions we have written.

Application of urea chemical fertilizer

The price of urea fertilizer is 46%

due to the fact that it is mostly used

in agriculture and is widely used in agriculture.

And a small part of it is used in industry and other industries.

Urea is an important raw material for the production of many chemical compounds,

such as plastics and adhesives and potassium cyanates.

The number of applicants for the use of urea chemical fertilizer is increasing day by day.

Countries that have a good environment for agriculture use a lot of 46% fertilizer.

Manufacturer of urea chemical fertilizer

Many petrochemical companies in Iran and other countries have produced 46% urea fertilizer.

And their number is increasing day

by day because its consumption

and demand are increasing.

And consumers and importers from all over the world

want urea from Iran and some countries.

Buying Urea To CIF China

Petro pars Arghavan Company is the main supplier of petrochemical and refinery products in Iran and Russia.

It has a long history of cooperation with companies in East Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.


And is ready to sign a long-term contract with esteemed buyers and send your orders to all the safe and vital ports of the world.


To register the order of urea and other products, you can register your order by sending an application and financial confirmation to the company email.

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