Buying Iranian granular sulfur

Buying Iranian granular sulfur

Buying Iranian granular sulfur with the best price and the best quality.

Buying Iranian granular sulfur
Buying Iranian granular sulfur

Granular sulfur

Granulation process is the process by which molten sulfur is converted into spheres or granules of specific granulation.
Annually, large amounts of sulfur are produced for export from our country’s oil and gas resources
And our country is one of the most important producers of sulfur in the world.
Iranian sulfur has a desirable quality and high purity.
So that in addition to meeting the needs inside the country, part of it is also exported abroad.

 Iranian granular sulfur
Iranian granular sulfur


Today, most sulfur is produced through oil and gas extraction and the sweetening process.
Sulfur is one of the most important agricultural and industrial raw materials and is a strategic product.
Sulfur is widely used in free and in combination.
But it is mostly used for the preparation of chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle.

Sulfur supply method

The world’s sulfur is supplied from two main sources, mineral sulfur and process oil extraction sulfur.

 granular sulfur
granular sulfur

Application of sulfur

The highest consumption of sulfur in recent years has been in the agricultural industry and the preparation of phosphate fertilizers, which are usually used directly to reduce agricultural soil and produce sulfuric acid, matchmaking, spraying fungi and insecticides.
Sulfur in oil refining, copper separation and uranium refining, preparation of organic and inorganic chemicals,
Paints, paper and pulp, tanning, plating, power plants, sugar industry, starch production,
Production of synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals and disinfection, non-metallic materials, food, soap industry
And detergents and detergents, batteries, synthetic rubber, sulfur concretes,
Various chemicals are also used as a source of welding material (rubber welding).

Sulfur is used to weld rubber. Sulfur is used as a fungicide as well as disinfectant and fertilizer. Sulfur is also used to make sulfuric acid. Sulfur is also used to make several types of paper, bleach, and as an electrical insulator.
Sulfur can be used in the production of chemicals, sulfuric acid, in agriculture and various industries such as plastics and many synthetic products, paper, paints and so on.
Granular sulfur is exported to many countries, which is one of the most important destinations in China.


Buying Iranian granular sulfur

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