Russian Methanol CIF Mersin

Russian Methanol CIF Mersin

Russian Methanol CIF Mersin and shipping worldwide with the best conditions and the best facilities.

Methanol prices in Russia
Methanol prices in Russia

What is Methanol?

It is completely soluble in water. Methanol smells like ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

But the poison can be very dangerous.

Methanol is also used to make other types of chemicals, including acetic acid.

Small amounts of methanol are naturally present in many organisms as part of their metabolic processes.

Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol,

is a colorless liquid with a low boiling point and relatively volatile properties.

Economic and environmental characteristics have made it a popular choice for fuel and wastewater in recent years.

Methanol production method

In the past, methanol was obtained by distilling wood.

Wood distillation is the process by which wood is heated to form coal and steam.

The vapors condense and collect to form a brown liquid, forming methanol.


The modern method of producing methanol is the direct reaction of carbon gas, monoxide and hydrogen molecules in the presence of a catalyst.

 Russian Methanol CIF Mersin
Russian Methanol CIF Mersin

Quality Methanol

Methanol is available commercially in various purity grades.

Commercial methanol is generally classified according to ASTM purity grades A and AA.

Both grade A and grade AA purity are 99.85% methanol by weight. Grade “AA” methanol contains trace amounts of ethanol as well

Applications of methanol

Used in the manufacture of polyester fabrics and fibers, acrylic plastics, pesticides, textile solvents, pharmaceuticals and windshield wipers, adhesives, paints and plywood, and construction.


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