cement clinker CIF Bangladesh

cement clinker CIF Bangladesh

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What is cement clinker?

Clinker is a dark gray material with a diameter of 3 to 25 mm.

It is produced by heating clay and limestone at a temperature of 1400°C to 1500°C.

It can be stored in stores for a long time without any change in its quality.

Cement manufacturers buy clinker to produce cement in areas where there is not enough raw material.

In general, there are two wet and dry processes in cement production.

In the wet process, clinker, which is the raw material for cement production, is mixed with water

and turned into a powder, but in the dry process, the dry raw materials are mixed

and ground without adding water.

Clinker and cement are not the same material.

Cement is a powdered material used in construction projects, while clinker is used to produce cement.

Clinker is produced in the kiln during the cement production process.

When the raw material is heated inside the kiln, the temperature rises and reaches a peak,

then by cooling rapidly, clinker is produced.

Clinker demand

Many countries in the world want to buy clinker.

One of these countries located in Asia is Bangladesh.


It is a country in South Asia, which borders India from the north, east and west, and Myanmar from the southeast, and connects to the Bay of Bengal from the south.

Its capital is Dhaka.

Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter in the world.

The low wages of workers have made this country one of the centers of interest for well-known global brands.

This country is one of the important buyers of clinker in the world.

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