Buy russian d2 diesel


Buy russian d2 diesel

Buy russian d2 diesel
Buy russian d2 diesel

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what is D2?

D2 stands for Gasoil Refinery.
This is the second distilled crude oil and can be used without modifiers and additives.
Thus, the first engines used D2 as fuel – before the gasoline cars we know today.
Because the engine invented by a German named Diesel does not need spark plugs.
The diesel engine ignites with increasing pressure and burns so that the heated “fork” explodes.
The car diesel you fill has additives that the refinery adds to make the engine more efficient as well as easier to start in the winter.
If you use summer diesel in winter, you will have better mileage, but your fuel pipes may freeze and may also burst, and the wax may thicken the diesel flow.
The main differences in GASOIL or D2 are the sulfur content.

 russian d2
russian d2


Used in diesel engines found in most trucks, trains, buses, boats, agricultural vehicles and construction engines.
Feed motors that we use to produce and transport almost all of our food and other products produced and purchased.
Some cars, vans and boats also have diesel engines.

Diesel fuel is also used in power generators.
Many industrial facilities, large buildings, institutional facilities, hospitals, and facilities have diesel backup generators and emergency power supplies.

 russian d2 diesel
russian d2 diesel

Buy russian d2 diesel

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russian d2 diesel price

Quantity MINIMUM 50.000MT – MAXIMUM 900.000MT x 12 months


FOB BASED ON: Rotterdam/ Novorossiysk/Vladivostok/Houston