Diammonium phosphate cif India

Diammonium phosphate cif India

Diammonium phosphate cif India with the best market price and the best possible conditions.

What is Diammonium phosphate?

Diammonium phosphate is easily dissolved in water, and it can be said that since 1960, gardeners

and farmers have been using this substance to remove the phosphorus needed by plants.

DAP, which is often used in the agricultural industry, is obtained from the reaction between ammonia and phosphoric acid.

The appropriate amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in this fertilizer increases the resistance of plants against adverse environmental factors (drought and frost) and also increases the resistance of plants against disease.

In addition, the high amount of phosphorus contributes a lot to the accumulation of sugar in root and fruit products.

The use of this substance in spring and summer to accelerate the ripening of fruits and berries has many fans.

Nitrogen and phosphorus in diammonium phosphate are both essential plant elements.

Application of diammonium phosphate

It is most widely used in the agricultural industry.

Ammonium phosphate fertilizer is usually used as granules, but some of them are also produced in crystalline or liquid form.

These compounds are used to produce solid fertilizers either with current mixing methods or

as mass mixtures to produce liquid fertilizers and sewage fertilizers.

DAP fertilizers are also applied directly to the soil.

When phosphate is given at the time of planting, care should be taken to provide a suitable place

for the seed, especially when the soil is alkaline, because under these conditions the sprouts may be damaged by ammonia.

According to research, the direct use of DAP fertilizers has a destructive effect on the longitudinal growth of plant roots and their growth.


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