Seller Of Iranian Naphtha

Seller Of Iranian Naphtha

Seller Of Iranian Naphtha With the best price and the best conditions.


What is Naphtha?

Naphtha refers to a very diverse hydrocarbon mixture that is colorless, flammable and highly volatile in nature.

This material is produced by distilling organic materials including coal bitumen, oil, wood.

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Naphtha is known by various names depending on its composition or source, such as wood naphtha, oil spirits, coal bitumen naphtha, shale and white gas.

In other words, naphtha is a group of liquid hydrocarbon compounds that are highly volatile and flammable.

Types of naphtha

Naphtha consists of hydrocarbons containing 5 to 12 carbon atoms with boiling points ranging from 30 to 200 ° C.

That is, if we heat the crude oil from 30 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius and

separate the boiled part, naphtha will be obtained.

Usually 15 to 30% of crude oil boils at this temperature, so the same amount

of crude oil can be converted directly to naphtha.

But naphtha in the market is usually offered in two types of light naphtha

(5 and 6 carbon hydrocarbons) and heavy naphtha (6 to 12 carbon hydrocarbons).

Naphtha are generally divided into two categories based on the number of carbon atoms in them, which are:

  1. Light naphtha
  2. Heavy naphtha
 Iranian Naphtha
Iranian Naphtha
What are the production methods of naphtha?
Naphtha can be produced in several ways, including:
  1.      Distillation of crude oil
  2.      Solvent extraction
  3.      Hydrogenation of crude oil distilled products
  4.      Polymerization of unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds such as olefins
  5.      Alkylation process

Seller Of Iranian Naphtha

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