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All kinds of steel products

The price of steel products With the best price.
Most of us are familiar with steel or one of the products obtained from steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, which consists of about 0.002 to 2.1 percent of its weight from carbon. If the amount of carbon exceeds 2%, the steel will turn into cast iron. The special and unique properties of steel, including ultimate tensile strength and relatively low price, have made it widely used in various industries such as building construction, infrastructure structures, tools, ships, trains, cars, machinery, equipment and military weapons. . In general, the products obtained from steel include; It is rebar, beam, sheet, pipe, profile can, wire box, wire, stud corner, spray and ingot.

What is alloy steel?
If the amount of carbon exceeds 2%, the steel will turn into cast iron. The strength of steel has a direct relationship with the amount of dissolved carbon. As much as the amount of carbon increases, the strength of the steel increases, but on the other hand, this increase in strength causes the welding ability to decrease and the possibility of brittleness and brittleness of the steel increases. There are more than 3,500 degrees for the production of all kinds of steel. According to the grade, steel can be divided into four categories;

Classified as carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. The criterion of this classification is chemical, physical and environmental characteristics.

All kinds of steel products

Rebar is one of the most widely used steel products used in the construction industry and urban infrastructure. One of the reasons for using rebar is to increase the resistance of concrete against tensile and rotational forces. Rebars are produced and supplied in two types: simple rebar and rebar in A1, A2, A3 and A4 standards. Rebars are divided into two groups, ribbed and simple, based on their appearance, production method, and application. Grades A2, A3, A4 are placed in the ribbed rebar category and A1 grade is placed in the plain rebar category. For the installation of rebar in the building, there are three calculation characteristics of yield strength, spacer and tensile strength.
rebar price
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If we want to provide a general and comprehensive definition of iron beam, we must say that iron beam is the main component of building metal frame buildings. In fact, it is not possible to build a metal frame without steel beams. The beam has the task of bearing the load of the building and transferring the loads that enter the building. The two main parts of the beam are called John and Bal. The middle part, which is the main part of the beam, is called the life, and the edges and sides are called wings. Among the advantages of using beams, one is to increase the speed of construction and the other is to occupy less space in building construction. Beams are made in different types and have a relatively large variety. Most of their diversity is in the field of appearance and also their mechanical properties.
Types of iron beams
Types of iron beams can be classified as follows:
1. The IPE beam has an I-shaped shape. It is mostly produced in Iran and Europe. In this type of beam, the thickness of the wings cannot be changed.
2. The INP beam is made according to Russian and Chinese standards, so that the thickness of the wings decreases with distance from the beam.
3. IPB beam or Hash beam is H-shaped. These types of iron beams are wider in such a way that the wings are longer than IPE beams. The wide iron beam or wide wing is H-shaped, and the length of the wings is larger than the IPE iron beam.
4. CPE or honeycomb beams The reason for naming honeycomb beams is that the formation of these beams after operation (cutting and re-welding) and completing the profile is in the shape of honeycomb and hexagon. These types of beams have hollow holes in their length, which are similar to a bee’s nest. For this reason, such beams are called honeycomb.
The price of the beam
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Steel sheet is a product that has a smooth and flat surface that is often made of iron and steel. This steel product is produced both through hot rolling and through cold rolling in the factory. Next, we will examine the different types of sheets and the use of each.
black sheet
From the name of the black sheet, it may seem that this sheet is black, but it is not at all. Because this sheet is not shiny and polished, it is called black. This sheet is produced by hot rolling method.
Black sheet can be used in car body, car floor sheet, seamed pipes, making various types of profiles, tucker making and ship building.
oiled sheet
Like the black sheet, the name of this sheet is not because of its oily texture, but because of its smoothness and smoothness. This sheet is also produced by cold rolling method.
Oil foil can be used in these cases. It is a sheet that is used to produce galvanized sheet, it is used to produce household appliances such as gas stove or refrigerator cover. This sheet is also used in the production of pipes.
Galvanized sheet
Steel sheets are exposed to corrosion and rust, and since the production of stainless and corrosion-resistant steel sheets is not economical, they use a method called galvanizing.
In cases such as the production of water pipes, cabinet production, water storage tanks and shed roof production, galvanized sheets are used.

color sheet

The colored sheet is actually the same galvanized sheet covered with an electrostatic color coating. Colored sheets have 15 different color variations.
The main applications of colored sheets are in the construction industry, such as various types of roofs and the interior and exterior of buildings, in the manufacture of household appliances in the transportation industry, such as car cabins, heavy machines, etc.
sheet price
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Profile can
Profile can due to its many and special uses both in the construction industry and in various industries. It is mentioned in the rank of steel products with great importance and many uses. One of the most important applications of profile cans is weldability, high surface quality, high variety, and high formability.
• In general, profiles are categorized by application criteria, appearance, production method, weight and material.
Industrial column can
This type of can is produced from black sheet with high thickness. It is widely used in industrial projects such as the construction of various machines, building columns, and bridge construction. The weight of this type of can varies according to the dimensions and thickness of the black sheet used. Industrial column profile box is also known as heavy profile.
Construction profile
Including the construction of doors and windows and strengthening in different parts of the structure, as well as the interior and exterior of the building, which adds to its beauty.


z profile
Profile Z, also known as “Perlin Z”, is a type of building material that has a shape like the English letter Z. Z profile is one of the types of open profiles
A stud is actually a type of profile that is widely used in various industries.

There are different types of studs, which include factors such as aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel.
A corner is a profile whose cross-section is in the form of two perpendicular sides,

and it is considered one of the most important building materials and profiles, which is used in

a compound form and only in civil, construction and industrial projects.

This means that the basic nature of this section is steel sheet.
• Fabric corner: this type of corner comes out of the production line in the form of a corner from the very beginning of the production process.

This steel product looks like the English letter T.
Types of steel pipes
Steel pipes are divided into different types, each of which is separated into separate categories and has a unique application.
1. Industrial pipe
2. Gas pipe
3. Industrial galvanized pipe
4. Mannesmann’s tube
5. Galvanized pipe water test
6. Sofa tube

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