Urea 46% CIF Brazil

Urea 46% CIF Brazil

Urea 46% CIF Brazil at the best competitive price and send to Brazilian ports.


What is Urea?

Among the elements known in nature, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are most effective in plant growth.

Therefore, some compounds containing these elements are used as chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Urea with the chemical formula NH2CONH2 is the most famous nitrogen fertilizer and since it is suitable for most plants, especially all grains, it leaves no salt residue in the soil.

And does not change the concentration of soil salts.

More than 70% of the total urea produced in the world is used for agriculture

The rest are used in the production of melamine powder, used as animal feed, medical uses, etc.

Applications of urea fertilizer

The most common use of fertilizer in agriculture is worldwide

And in industries more than 90% of urea production in the world, for use as chemical fertilizers containing nitrogen.

Urea is also an important raw material for the production of many chemical compounds, such as:

Plastics, especially formaldehyde resins.

Adhesives, such as urea formaldehyde and urea melamine formaldehyde, which are used to make water-based plywood.

Potassium cyanate, as a raw material in some industries.

 Russian Urea for Brazil
Russian Urea for Brazil

Urea 46% CIF Brazil

Petro Pars Arghavan Company consists of skilled and specialized specialists in the field of export, import, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

And offers petrochemical products such as urea fertilizer at the best competitive prices from Iran and other countries.

Petro Pars Arghavan Company is a large supplier to supply petroleum and refining products with competitive prices and the highest level of quality and send orders to safe ports around the world in the shortest possible time.

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