Urea 46% CIF Oman

Urea 46% CIF Oman with the best price and the best possible conditions.

What is urea fertilizer?

Urea with the chemical formula NH2CONH2 is the most popular nitrogen fertilizer.

And considering that it is suitable for most plants, especially all fertilizer seeds,

it does not leave any salt residue in the soil and does not change the concentration of soil salts.

Urea chemical fertilizer is produced by different countries including Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and Russia is one of the main producers of urea fertilizer in the world.

Due to these mentioned characteristics, it has many consumers in the world, the final consumers of which are mostly farmers.

Urea 46% cif Oman
Urea 46% cif Oman

Application of urea

Among all the urea fertilizers produced in the world, more than 70% of it is used for agriculture and the rest is used in the production of melamine powder, as animal feed, medical purposes, etc.

And the number of its users is increasing day by day.

The main use of urea fertilizer in agriculture is that the countries whose main activity is agriculture are in dire need of urea chemical fertilizer and must either buy the urea fertilizer they need from petrochemicals or import it from other countries.


Oman is one of the kingdoms of the Middle East and is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula.

And the order of urea fertilizer to Oman is increasing day by day.

Order Urea 46% CIF Oman

Petro pars Arghvan is a direct supplier of petrochemical and refinery products in Iran, Russia and other countries.

It has a history of extensive cooperation in the export and import of 46% urea chemical fertilizer with companies in East Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

and is ready to conclude a long-term contract with you and cooperate in sending your order to the ports of Oman and all the safe and vital ports of the world.

To place an order for urea and other products, you can place your order by sending an application form and company profile and a copy of your passport to the company’s email.

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