Best price for Russian pet coke

Best price for Russian pet coke

Best price for Russian pet coke and shipping to safe ports around the world.


What is pet coke?

Petroleum coke is a product that is produced from light and heavy crude oil during the oil refining process.

About 80 percent of the world’s hammer production is fuel-grade hammer (green coke),

which is used to generate electricity and in cement kilns.

The patch, which is modified by the calcination process by heating or refining the raw coke, removes many of the source components.

The hammer usually does not release heavy metals as volatiles or emissions when refined.

Petroleum coke, commonly known as pet coke, has become very popular in recent years due to its widespread use in industrial applications such as boilers and furnaces.

As suppliers of household coke, we offer a wide range of highly efficient and high-quality petroleum coke.

Pet Coke Market

The global oil coke market reached $ 25 billion in 2020.

Looking to the future, the IMARC Group expects the market to grow by CAGR 7.8% during 2021-2026.

Petroleum coke or household coke is a by-product of solid carbon in the crude oil distillation process that is commonly used as fuel.


Compared to fossil fuels traditionally used, it has a high output value and low ash content and is therefore cost-effective.

Some common types of oil coke include needle, sponge, honeycomb and shot coke.

It has very high chemical stability and is mainly used to produce anodes,

electrodes, metals and bricks, cement, fertilizers, etc.

Rapid industrialization, especially in developing economies, is a major driver of market growth.

The growing emphasis on reducing dependence on fossil fuels for energy production also serves as another driver of growth.


In addition, significant infrastructure developments around the world create a positive outlook for the market.

The increasing need for steel for various industrial applications, such as the construction of railways, highways and roads, has led to an increase in the use of oil coke.

Best price for Russian pet coke

Petro Pars Arghavan Company consists of experienced experts in the field of export, import, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

And offers petrochemical and refinery products at the best competitive prices from Russia, Iran and other countries.

Petro Pars Arghavan Company is a major supplier of petroleum and refining products

With competitive price and the highest level of quality and sending orders in the shortest possible time to safe ports around the world.

To buy oil coke in Russia and other countries, you can register your order by sending the following documents to the company’s email.


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