Crude Oil Cif Rotterdam

Crude Oil Cif Rotterdam

Crude Oil Cif Rotterdam and shipping to safe ports around the world.


What is crude oil?

Oil, also known as crude oil and petroleum, is a natural, yellowish-black liquid found in subsurface geological formations.

It is usually refined with different types of fuel.

The oil components are separated using a method called fractional distillation,

which means separating the liquid mixture into sections with different boiling points by distillation, usually using a split column.

It contains natural hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and may contain various organic compounds.

Most of the oil is extracted by drilling.

Drilling is performed after structural geological studies, sedimentary basin analysis, and reservoir characterization.

After extraction, the oil is easily refined and separated by distillation, and into various products for direct or

indirect use, such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, to asphalt and chemical reagents used to make plastics, pesticides.

And the drugs are used, separated.

Oil is used in the manufacture of various materials.


Application of Crude Oil

It is estimated that the world consumes about 100 million barrels (16 million cubic meters) per day.

Crude oil is used in various industries and is actually considered as a raw material to produce many products.


Oil is used to produce fuel sources such as gasoline, jet fuel and

diesel fuel and is known as the main source of energy in the world, but the use of oil in industry is very wide.


In fact, a large part of the crude oil extracted is used in the production of various materials.
Like many equipments that we deal with in our daily lives.


Applications of crude oil in industry include medical and pharmaceutical supplies, food industry, clothing, oil, sports equipment and musical instruments, plastics, and more.


 Buying Crude oil

Petro Pars Arghavan Company consists of skilled and skilled specialists in the field of export, import, wholesale of crude oil and petroleum products and chemicals.

And offers petrochemical and refinery products at the best competitive prices from different countries.

Petro Pars Arghavan Company is a major supplier of petroleum and refining products

With competitive price and the highest level of quality and sending orders in the shortest possible time to safe ports around the world.

To buy crude oil at the best competitive price, you can register your order by sending the following documents to the company’s email.


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