Buy gasoline from Iran

Buy gasoline from Iran

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gasoline from Iran

Gasoline is a product that is produced from the refining of crude oil in refineries.
Hydrocarbon chains of different lengths are obtained by combining these separate chains
Together, different fuels such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. are obtained.

Buy gasoline from Iran
Buy gasoline from Iran

Gasoline paint and its functions

Gasoline paint is a simple product that is added to identify gasoline from other petroleum products at all stages of the refining and distribution process.
And its red color is the most consumed and is added to ordinary gasoline.
Petroleum products such as gasoline, super gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. are all transparent, colorless and water-like in appearance.
And they are not easily recognizable that in order to differentiate petroleum products and distinguish them from each other more easily, a small amount of special color is added to each of these products.
This product, although simple in appearance, plays a vital and important role
And that safety preservation seeks to identify it from the first stages of production in refineries to the stage of distribution and supply at gas stations, authorized and even unauthorized dealers.
This color, in addition to preventing the mistakes of the station managers and separating the super and ordinary gasoline during the sale, maintains the safety of most of the people who deal with it in any way.
Gasoline paint, which is most commonly used to identify super and regular gasoline from other products, is also used in other products.
But its main consumption is in gasoline and for this reason it is called gasoline paint.
This paint is very important in the refining industry and its absence will lead to many human and financial risks, because gasoline is a product with explosive and flammable properties and if it is confused with other products, it will cause irreparable damage.
For this reason, red color is added to gasoline, and now in refineries and stations in the country, red color has been chosen to differentiate ordinary gasoline.
And green is added to detect super gasoline.

gasoline from Iran
gasoline from Iran

What is the octane number of gasoline?

The octane number of gasoline has nothing to do with its power, this number only indicates how much this fuel can be compressed before ignition.
The higher the octane number, the less likely it is to ignite under pressure.

Where does octane number come from:

When crude oil is refined in refineries, hydrocarbon chains of different lengths are obtained.
And these separate chains combine to produce different fuels such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and so on.
For example, you must have heard the letters methane, propane and butane, all of which are hydrocarbons.
. Methane has one atom, propane has 3 atoms and butane has 4 carbon atoms
. Other hydrocarbons include pentane with 5 atoms, hexane with 6 atoms, heptane with 7 atoms, and octane with 8 carbon atoms.
Various experiments have shown that heptane has a very weak compaction property and has a very high compaction capacity against octane.
So if gasoline has very high amounts of octane, it is very good in terms of self-combustion resistance.
In contrast, heptane will ignite very quickly due to low density, so given that these two hydrocarbons were almost identical in properties such as boiling point and evaporation,
They were chosen as the basis for the self-combustion resistance of the fuel against condensation, and by giving the number 100 to octane and 0 to heptane, a ratio called the octane number was obtained.
For example, gasoline with 87 octane number has a ratio of 87 octane to 13 heptane.
But making a fuel that contains this amount of octane will cost a lot of production, and these two substances are not the only constituents of gasoline at the moment.
And other materials and additives are responsible for raising the octane number or the same resistance to self-ignition or engine knock.
And the heptane-octane ratio is used only to create a comparative basis and as an ideal gasoline to determine the octane number.

gasoline from Iran
gasoline from Iran

Factors affecting octane number:

1-Above sea level

The higher the altitude, the later the fuel will self-ignite, as if the octane number of the gasoline was higher.
If you have traveled with your car to low-lying areas such as the north of the country, you must have encountered a sharp increase in engine noise, which is also due to the effect of altitude on octane fuel.
To solve this problem, by adjusting the car brake, adjusting the engine with the device and filtering, the fuel self-ignition in these cars can be eliminated and the noise can be eliminated.

2-Humidity and air temperature

The higher the humidity, the higher the octane number
Also, as the temperature decreases, we will see an increase in this octane number again.

3-Other factors

Engine compression ratio, Delco advance and retard, engine operation, engine temperature, gasoline and air ratio, of course, vehicles equipped with ECU because they can measure the ratio of air and fuel
And if they enter the fuel in proportion to the engine speed, air temperature, oxygen concentration and کمتر into the engine, they will suffer less from the third case.


Buy gasoline from Iran

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