Buying LPG from Iran

Buying LPG from Iran

Buying LPG from Iran
Buying LPG from Iran

Buying LPG from Iran and Russia with the best conditions and the best quality


The LPG project should not be confused with the LNG (liquefied natural gas) project.

Aluminum is actually natural gas (mainly methane and ethane) that liquefies for easier and more economical transportation.

Cyanide is also a natural gas that is compressed to take up less space.

 LPG from Iran
LPG from Iran

LPG resources in Iran and the world

Iran is the second country after Russia in terms of gas reserves.

Iran’s proven gas reserves as of 2005 were 27.5 trillion cubic meters, which is equivalent to 16% of the world’s total reserves.

Iran currently has more than 424 million cubic meters of gas per day for petrochemical units.
Power plants, domestic industries, oil well injection, domestic consumption and export
Produces to neighboring countries and international markets.
Al-Payji in the refinery is a by-product of natural gas refining and crude oil refining.



LPG is mostly used for heating applications and as a fuel for vehicles.
The calorific value of liquefied petroleum gas is 46.1 megajoules / kg, which is higher than gasoline and fuel oil.
And at equal weight it produces higher energy but its calorific value
It is less in equal volume because it is gas and has less density.
Each liter of liquefied petroleum gas weighs 500 to 580 grams and each liter of gasoline weighs 710 to 770 grams.
This gas turns into a liquid at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius under a maximum pressure of 8 kg per square centimeter.
And at the time of production, it has no color, smell or even taste.

Buying LPG
Buying LPG

Buying LPG  Iran

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