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seller Russian bitumen

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What is bitumen?

Bitumen is a black, pasty material that is widely used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction.

There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application. It is derived from oil.

They are often produced in oil refineries.

It is a hydrocarbon black to dark brown in color that dissolves completely in carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride.

Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. But as the temperature rises, it becomes a paste and then liquefies.

Types and sources of bitumen

Bitumen is a hydrocarbon material that has a definition, properties, resources and special properties.

Bituminous materials are also more diverse than oil,

because bitumen has other sources besides oil.

Bitumens are divided into

the following three categories depending on the origin:

1- Natural bitumens

-2Petroleum bitumens

3- Tar bitumens

 Russian bitumen
Russian bitumen

Bitumen specifications

1- Degree of penetration:

Penetration degree test is used to determine the hardness of bitumen.

  1. Viscosity:

The slower the bitumen, the more solid properties it shows.

3- Degree of ignition:

The degree of ignition is the temperature at which, if the bitumen reaches that temperature, the gases emitted from it ignite as the flame approaches, and a flame forms on its surface.

4- Weight loss:

The weight loss of bitumen at high temperatures is due to the evaporation of some of its oils and petroleum compounds.

  1. Ductility or angiogenesis:

If we draw a sample of bitumen with a cross-sectional area of 1 cm2 at a speed of 5 cm / min,

the amount of increase in sample length

before the bituminous property of the bitumen is torn.

6-degree of purity:

We know that the solvent of bitumen is tetrachloride, carbon and sulfur carbon.

  1. Degree of softness:

The degree of softness is the temperature at which,

when the bitumen reaches that temperature,

the bitumen changes from solid to liquid.


Seller Russian bitumen

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Buying bitumen to Fujairah
RUSSIAN BITUMEN GRADE 40/50, 60/70, 80/100


BUY RUSSIAN BITUMEN GRADE 40/50, 60/70, 80/100


Bitumen is a black and pasty material that is used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction.

There are many different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application.

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Bitumen is a derivative of oil and is often produced in oil refineries.

Bitumen is a dense, highly viscous, oil-derived hydrocarbon that is classified into two main types.
The first type is natural bitumen found under oil hills and lakes,

and the other type is refined bitumen from crude oil deposition.

Bitumen contains 2% oxygen, 11% hydrogen and 87% carbon.

Application of bitumen

This product has many applications in various industries:

Bitumen is commonly used in two areas:

road construction and insulation.
About 90% of the bitumen produced is used in road construction,

and insulation costs account for only 10% of the bitumen consumption.

Bitumen is commonly used to insulate roofs and bathroom floors.

Usually, in order to stabilize the bitumen, it is used together with a sack called bitumen.


Bitumen characterization tests

The following tests determine the properties of bitumen:

  1. Measure the soft spot
  2. Measuring the degree of penetration
  3. Measuring the amount of traction
  4. Fracture point measurement
  5. Investigation of the effect of heat and air on bitumen
  6. Viscosity measurement
  7. Specific gravity measurement
  8. Measurement of solubility or purity of bitumen
  9. Flash point measurement
  10. Measurement of strength of asphalt mixtures by Marshall method
  11. Mineral material screening analysis
  12. Extraction and testing of bitumen in asphalt mixtures
  13. Bitumen storage and new bitumen tests

Buy Russian bitumen

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Buying bitumen to Fujairah

Buying bitumen to Fujairah

It is very good that you read this article before Buying bitumen to Fujairah.

Buying bitumen to Fujairah
Buying bitumen to Fujairah


Bitumen is viscous, nonvolatile liquid or solid.

Bitumen is a complex colloid system the chemical properties of which are dependent on the properties of crude oil from which it is produced.

Pure bitumen is a colloid dispersion of microscopic asphalt particles (dispersion phase).

The chemical composition of bitumen is a mixture of various hydrocarbons with molecules of oxygen, sulphur, and nitrogen.

Hydrocarbons present in bitumen are mostly condensed naphthene and aromatic rings with small number of side paraffin chains.


Bitumen contents

Mass fraction of hydrocarbons is 75-85%, hydrogen 9-10%, oxygen 2-8%, sulphur 5-7%, and nitrogen 0.1-0.5%.

Bitumen is partially or completely soluble in various organic solvents.

Dissolved fractions of bitumen in solvent are called maltenes or petrolenes,

and undissolved fractions are called aspaltenes.

The maltenes are a mixture of resins and oil, and they are a disperse agent.

For the most part, physical properties of bitumen depend on dispersion degree of asphaltenes in maltenes.

Buying bitumen Fujairah
Buying bitumen Fujairah


Most refined bitumen is used in the construction industry.

Mainly, it serves its use in paving and roofing applications.

85% of all bitumen is used as a binder in asphalt for roads, runways, parking lots, and foot paths.

Gravel and crushed rock are mixed with thick bitumen, holding it together and it is then applied to roadways.

10% of the bitumen used worldwide is used in the roofing industry as its waterproofing qualities help make roofs function well.

5% of bitumen is used for sealing and insulating purposes in various building materials such as carpet tile backing and paint.

In addition to these main uses, bitumen also has many minor uses.

Other examples are soundproofing, mildew protection, a binder in briquettes, a backing to mirrors,

shoe soles, fence post coating and soil stabilization.

Buying bitumen
Buying bitumen

Buying bitumen to Fujairah

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