D2 diesel FOB price

D2 diesel FOB price

The price  of  D2 diesel FOB price  in Bandar Abbas and other safe ports in the world is affected by various factors that have different fluctuations,and to receive D2 diesel FOB price, first read this article.

D2  diesel FOB
D2  diesel FOB


Diesel or gas or diesel fuel is used as fuel for diesel engines and thermal installations.

Petroleum gas mainly consists of three groups of paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic, has a minimum flash point of 54 ° C and a maximum pour point of 0 ° C.

Diesel fuel is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines.

This fuel is obtained by a special method of distillation, except for diesel oil.

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In diesel engines, the fuel burns not with sparks, like gasoline engines,but with the heat of the compressed air in the cylinder.

Diesel fuel releases more energy during combustion than an equal volume of gasoline, so diesel engines generally produce better energy than gasoline engines.

d2 gas oil
d2 gas oil

Application of diesel:


It is used for lighting as well as for signaling with the help of fire because the flash point of kerosene is higher than 35 degrees, so it is not dangerous in terms of fire.



Kerosene is the fuel of most tractors and machines used in agriculture and also as a source of power in some aircraft turbines and jet engines

The country’s commercial diesel is mainly obtained by mixing gas oil products from atmospheric distillation,

vacuum distillation, isomax gas oil, atmospheric distillation kerosene and mixed naphtha with different percentages in the country’s refineries.

To improve the combustion quality of diesel engines and reduce environmental pollutants,the amount of sulfur, nitrogenous compounds and aromatics, density,

boiling point and carbon residue in it must be reduced. The characteristics of gas oil depend on the crude oil

The most important of these features are:

Density, distillation curve, viscosity and low temperature behavior…

is excellent.

D2 diesel FOB price

D2 diesel FOB price

Petro pars Arghavan Company has the ability to supply D2 diesel for all safe ports in the world.

Diesel fuel is a liquid fuel used in diesel engines.

This fuel is mostly obtained by fractional distillation, which can be supplied by both Iranian and Russian types.

The company has an extensive sales network of petrochemical and refinery products throughout Asia, Europe and

Africa, as well as engineers and experts in the upstream and downstream branches of oil,

gas and petrochemicals as one of the strongest companies in this field.

Is in the global arena. And to get the best FOB and CIF prices for safe ports

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