What is urea fertilizer?

What is urea fertilizer?

What is urea fertilizer?Urea is a chemical fertilizer that has many uses.
Urea chemical fertilizer is mostly used in agriculture.

Urea chemical fertilizer

Urea chemical fertilizer is made by Iran and different countries and different petrochemicals in the country and some countries.

And the  urea is subject to various specifications.

Due to this urgent need, every farmer must buy through sales companies, import companies

and stock exchanges and meet their needs.

Therefore, before buying urea, pay attention to the points of this article.

The urea chemical fertilizer
The   chemical fertilizer

 Chemical application of urea

It is widely used and welcomed in various industries, especially agriculture, farms and pastures,

so every agriculture is in dire need of this fertilizer to grow its products.

Farmers who are the final consumers of urea fertilizers try to buy the  urea and the best quality.

Urea is one of the chemical fertilizers that farmers use widely for soil fertility and plant growth in Iran.

Types of urea

In general, this fertilizer can be divided into three types:

Form urea prill and Granular urea with sulfur coating and urea  46%.

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Urea  has 46% nitrogen and is suitable for most soils and plants and is used.

This type of fertilizer is not acidic.

The urea chemical fertilizer
The urea chemical fertilizer

Buy urea

To meet this need, the farmer must buy in bulk by the store or importing companies or the stock exchange.

To meet this important need.

And until the farmer‘s products reach good quality and desired yield.

The urea
The urea

The process of making fertilizer

Urea is produced when carbon dioxide reacts with non-hydrated ammonia.

This process will take place under high pressure and at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

The urea obtained from this process is processed to form solid granules or balls called perils.

them is completely soluble in water and should be stored away from moisture until consumed.

You can click here to learn more about the urea fertilizer production process.


Buy the urea  for export

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