Differences between granular urea


Differences between granular urea and peril

Read this article to know the  Differences between granular urea and peril  .

Urea are used by many farmers around the world and in various industries.

Nitrogen is known as one of the most important and widely used elements needed by plants

nitrogen fertilizers are one of the most widely used agricultural fertilizers.


Differences between granular urea and peril
Differences between granular urea and peril

Application of urea fertilizer

One of the most famous and widely used nitrogen is fertilizers is urea ,

which is widely used in various agricultural and industrial sectors.

Farmers and buyers go to agencies or importers or online and in-person stores to buy this product.

Various petrochemicals in Iran and the region have producedfertilizers prill and granules.

Urea chemical fertilizer is used as one of the most widely used and

of course the cheapest nitrogen fertilizer chemical fertilizers around the world.

Urea is used in both agricultural and industrial sectors, with the highest consumption, ie about 90%

of urea production in the world is allocated to agriculture.


Application of urea fertilizer
Application of urea fertilizer

The process of using urea fertilizer

. Urea fertilizer is soluble in water and is hydrolyzed in soil to ammonia and dioxide

Differences between granular urea and peril

In the agricultural sector, urea fertilizer is available in spherical form in granular and peril models,

the biggest difference between the two types is in the dimensions and size of urea fertilizer.

The grain size of Peril urea fertilizer is usually. 1 to 2.4 mm and granular urea fertilizer is 2 to 4 mm

It should be noted that in both perill and granule models, the percentage of nitrogen present is 46%

And is produced in different petrochemicals in the country in different sizes and slightly different from each other.

In order to store urea fertilizer, it should be noted that urea fertilizer should be stored in humid places that do have proper ventilation.

Because the presence of moisture along with urea fertilizer, in addition to chemical effects, also causes clumps of urea fertilizer.



Export urea fertilizer prices

Fertilizer pricing consists of various factors that affect the price of this fertilizer in Iran and the region. You can click here for more information.

granular urea and peril
granular urea


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