Urea 46% CIF India

Urea 46% CIF India

Urea 46% CIF India with the best price and the best possible conditions.

What is Urea?

Urea with the chemical formula NH2CONH2, 46% urea chemical fertilizer is the most famous nitrogen fertilizer and since it is suitable for most plants, especially all grains, it does not leave any salt in the soil.

Application of chemical fertilizer urea 46%

More than 70% of the total urea produced in the world is used for agriculture.

The rest is used in the production of melamine powder, animal feed, medical purposes, etc.

In today’s world, the growth of the agricultural industry around the world has caused the growth of the urea chemical fertilizer market by 46%.

Compared to other nitrogenous fertilizers that are traditionally used, such as ammonium nitrate, urea has a better performance and is more economical.

This has caused urea to be widely used as an agricultural fertilizer as well as an additive to animal feed.

More than 90% of urea production in the world contains nitrogen for use as chemical fertilizers.

And it is widely used in the agricultural industry.

Countries with extensive agriculture, such as:

India, are among the main customers of urea chemical fertilizers.

Urea 46% CIF India
Urea 46% CIF India


India is a country in South Asia. After China, India is the second country in the world in terms of the value of agricultural products.

The value of the country’s agricultural products in 2005 was estimated at more than 150 billion dollars.

With the production of 979,000 tons of tea, India is the second producer of tea in the world and the fourth exporter of this product after Kenya, Sri Lanka and China.

The main product of Indian farmers, like other East Asian countries, is rice, and this country is the second largest producer of rice in the world after China.

FAO has estimated India’s rice production at 178 million tons in 2020.

 India also ranks first in the world in the production of bananas, millet, hemp, and peanuts, and ranks second in the production of corn, sugarcane, and hemp.


India’s position in the urea market

Due to the geographical conditions of India and the high level of agriculture, the use of chemical fertilizers is increasing day by day.

Therefore, India is one of the main consumers and buyers of 46% urea chemical fertilizer.

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