Urea 46% CIF Sudan

Urea 46% CIF Sudan

Urea 46% CIF Sudan With the best market price and the best possible sales conditions.

What is urea 46% chemical fertilizer?

Urea is produced when carbon dioxide reacts with anhydrous ammonia.

. This process will happen under high pressure and at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius

The 46% urea chemical fertilizer has two models: granule and prill.

Application of urea chemical fertilizer

Urea 46% chemical fertilizer has various uses in different industries.

It is mostly used in the agricultural industry, and the countries that have agriculture are among the buyers of urea fertilizer, among these countries is Sudan.

Urea 46% CIF Sudan
Urea 46% CIF Sudan


Sudan is a country in northeast Africa and its capital is Khartoum.

This country is the third largest country in Africa and the second largest country in the Arab world after Algeria.

Sudan was the largest country in Africa and the largest country in the Arab world until South Sudan separated from this country in 2011 following a referendum.

More or less 80% of the workforce of this country works in the agricultural sector, but this sector is mostly non-mechanized and has not made much progress.

The independent industries of Sudan have also been established mostly in the field of processing and transformation of agricultural products.

Cloth, cement, petroleum products, sugar, soap, and shoes are the most important industrial products of Sudan.

Most of the agricultural products of this land are cotton, millet, dates and vegetables.

In 1999, Sudan exported more than 580 million dollars of goods, which mostly included cotton, sesame and livestock. Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Egypt, France, Japan, and China are the biggest buyers of goods from Sudan.

Ordering urea chemical fertilizer to Sudan

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