Urea 46 fertilizer price

Urea 46 fertilizer price

Urea 46 fertilizer price with the best conditions


What is urea fertilizer?

In the past, liquid urea was usually produced by pouring liquid from the lathe while the product was drying.

Types of urea chemical fertilizers

Urea fertilizers are in the form of granules and perils.

You can buy urea fertilizer in the form of peril or granules in packages or in bulk, made in Iran and Russia.

The granules are larger than the peril.

The grain size of Peril urea fertilizer is usually 1 to 2.4 mm and granular urea fertilizer is 2 to 4 mm.

Production of urea fertilizer

A high analysis of 46% urea helps reduce shipping, storage and transportation costs compared to other forms.

Urea production releases few pollutants into the environment.

When used properly, it can increase the yield of agricultural products compared to other forms of nitrogen.

If urea fertilizer remains on the soil surface for a long time during hot weather, the nitrogen from urea can be transferred to the atmosphere.

The key to making the best use of urea is to get it into the soil during the tillage operation.

You can also mix it with irrigation water in the soil.


Application of urea chemical fertilizer

Urea is a chemical compound that is often used as a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer.

Urea is also called carbamide.

It has a wide range of applications beyond fertilizers, including:

As an effective protein additive for animal feed, as a component in the production of synthetic resins,

plastics, adhesives, packages and refining of petroleum products as well as other applications in the wood, textile, food and pharmaceutical industries.

It should be noted that the most important application of urea chemical fertilizer in agriculture.

Urea has the highest amount of nitrogen among all solid nitrogen fertilizers in common uses.

Urea 46 fertilizer price

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