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What is crude oil?

Oil, also known as crude oil and petroleum, is a natural, yellowish-black liquid found in subsurface geological formations.

It is usually refined with different types of fuel.

The oil components are separated using a method called fractional distillation,

which means separating the liquid mixture into sections with different boiling points by distillation, usually using a split column.

It contains natural hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and may contain various organic compounds.

Most of the oil is extracted by drilling.

Drilling is performed after structural geological studies, sedimentary basin analysis, and reservoir characterization.

After extraction, the oil is easily refined and separated by distillation, and into various products for direct or

indirect use, such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, to asphalt and chemical reagents used to make plastics, pesticides.

And the drugs are used, separated.

Oil is used in the manufacture of various materials.


Application of Crude Oil

It is estimated that the world consumes about 100 million barrels (16 million cubic meters) per day.

Crude oil is used in various industries and is actually considered as a raw material to produce many products.


Oil is used to produce fuel sources such as gasoline, jet fuel and

diesel fuel and is known as the main source of energy in the world, but the use of oil in industry is very wide.


In fact, a large part of the crude oil extracted is used in the production of various materials.
Like many equipments that we deal with in our daily lives.


Applications of crude oil in industry include medical and pharmaceutical supplies, food industry, clothing, oil, sports equipment and musical instruments, plastics, and more.


 Buying Crude oil

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Russian crude oil prices

Russian crude oil prices

Russian crude oil prices with the best buying conditions

Russian crude oil prices
Russian crude oil prices

Russian oil industry

Russia’s oil industry is one of the largest in the world.

Along with OPEC, it is the two main oil suppliers to other countries.

There are various estimates of Russia’s oil reserves.

Some experts believe that most of Russia’s oil reserves are in the fields of western Siberia, which have been exploited since the 1970s.

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And so far, two-thirds of Russia’s oil has been extracted from these fields.

But in 2005, Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources announced that it had discovered a huge oil reservoir in eastern Siberia, with 4.7 billion barrels of oil reserves.

Russian crude oil prices
Russian crude oil prices

Oil production in Russia

But the jump in Russian oil production began in 1999 with a shift in Russian oil industry policy.

Many analysts attribute the jump to the privatization of Russia’s oil industry and several other factors.

Factors such as the dramatic rise in world oil prices in those years, as well as the use of Japanese technology in the Russian oil industry and the repair and rehabilitation of worn-out and old oil facilities in the country’s oil fields,

also had a significant impact on increasing oil production.

In 2007, Russian production improved to 9.8 million barrels per day.

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In a report called the 2011 World Energy Statistics Survey, BP announced that Russia was the world‘s largest oil producer in 2010, accounting for 12.9% of global oil production.

Producer and exporter of crude oil

Russia is the world‘s second largest producer of crude oil and one of the largest exporters of oil in the world.

Russian Combined Export Crude Oil (REBCO) is a medium-weight sour crude oil

that is exported approximately 4 million barrels per day

to the Atlantic basin or other adjacent refinery markets.

The New York Mercantile Exchange, the world‘s largest energy market, has jointly developed a proposed futures contract.

Russian crude oil prices
Crude oil prices

By default, the other party to the contract will trade a thousand barrels and offer physical delivery at the Baltic Sea port of Primorsky, which operates throughout the year.

The agreement also provides reliable pricing for crude oil shipments through pipelines or other export ports.

Combined Russian export crude oil, also known as Ural oil, is a medium-weight sour crude oil.

It is a mixture of heavy oil from the Urals and the Volga region with light Western Siberian oil set for delivery to warehouses and terminal facilities in the Russian port of Primorsk.

It is a type of Russian crude oil export with a mixture that is formed in the pipeline system

by mixing heavy Ural heavy crude oil from the Volga region and low sulfur oil in Western Siberia.

Petroleum components are usually separated using a fraction column using a technique called component distillation,

which separates the liquid mixture into sections that differ in boiling point by the distillation method.

Oil contains not only crude oil, but also all liquid, gaseous and solid hydrocarbons.

Russian crude oil prices

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Buying crude oil

Buying crude oil

Buying crude oil
Buying crude oil

Read this article carefully before buying crude oil for export

 What is Crude oil ?

Oil is a liquid that is mainly composed of two organic elements, hydrogen and carbon,

and has lower amounts of heavy elements such as nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur.

And it is found naturally underground and exceptionally on the ground as a spring

Petroleum is a thick, flammable liquid of burnt brown or dark green or black that is found

in the upper layers of parts of the Earth’s crust.

crude oil
crude oil

Origin of crude oil

Most scientists consider the origin of oil formation to be plants and organic organisms in the early oceans.

Due to the existence of a series of special properties to which only organic molecules are subject.

Remnants of animals and plants (including algae and corals) that lived in the sea (water) millions of years ago (before the dinosaurs formed.)

They have been buried for millions of years by flower cotyledons and sediments, and under high pressure and temperature, lack of oxygen and for a long time turned into oil and gas.

And in the presence of these conditions, along with the appropriate reservoir rock and rock cover, oil has migrated for a very long time

 And accumulates in large quantities in the oil basin

Crude oil is oily and comes in solid (petroleum) and liquid forms.

It is sometimes referred to as all forms of hydrocarbon oil.

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If oil accumulates in the sedimentary layer, it is called an “oil pool”

From a total of several oil fields, an “oil field” is obtained.

Oil-containing porous rock that is capable of producing oil is called “reservoir rock.”

Buying crude oil
Buying crude oil


Crude oil can not be used and must be separated at the refinery in the distillation tower (for oil) based on the density difference.

The value of crude oil

The value of crude oil is usually divided into two criteria:

  1. specific gravity
  2. sulfur content

Oils that have a lower specific gravity, viscosity and density are called light oils.

And oils that have a higher specific gravity, viscosity, anddensity are called heavy oils.

with less sulfur are also called sweet oil andoils with more sulfur are called sour oil.

Young field oils are usually heavier and have higher sulfur content due to their low maturity.

Extraction, handling, and refining of light and sweet oils are easier and less expensive, and

more products such as gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, and jet fuels derived from kerosene,

and high-quality diesel can be obtained from them.

For this reason, these types of oils are more popular with refineries and have a higher price.

The international oil price

The international oil price indexes of West Texas Intermediate and Brent are light and sweet.

But the amount of sour and heavy oils in the world’s oil reserves is much higher.

It is used in the preparation of important fuels such as diesel and

other products such as car tires, life jackets and even anesthetics.

Light oil, heavy oil and bitumen are among the main compounds obtained in the extraction of crude oil.

It should be noted that all products derived from crude oil ‌ need to be refined for use in industry.

Gasoline and diesel account for the largest volume of petroleum products.

Crude oil is also the raw material for many products in the chemical industry, such as

pharmaceuticals, solvents, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and plastics.

Buying crude oil
Buying crude oil

Buying crude oil for export

Petro Pars Arghavan Company supplies petrochemical and refinery products at competitive prices from Iran, Russia and the Persian Gulf countries at the best prices.

Petro Pars Arghavan Company consists of skilled specialists in the field of export, import, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

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